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Draining the SeaA Striking Literary Exploration Of The Effects Of Political Violence As It Everberates Through The Armenian Genocide Of , The Guatemalan Civil Conflict Of The S, And Present Day Los Angeles From Award Winning Novelist Micheline Aharonian Marcom Draining The Sea Is The Most Ambitious And Provocative Book To Date From Acclaimed Author Micheline Aharonian Marcom The Story Unfurls Inside The Mind Of A Man Who Spends His Nights Driving The Streets Of Los Angeles, Racked By Memories And Visions Of The Guatemalan Civil War, And, In Particular, Of A Beautiful Young Mayan Woman Who Died Violently In It He Was In Love With Her, But, It Seems, May Have Played A Role In Her Death He Also Is Very Aware Of The United States Complicity In The Horrors Of That Conflict, Further Twisting His Anguish And In His Mind, Her Fate Resonates Back To His Own Childhood As The Grandson Of Survivors Of The Armenian Genocide Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Herself Descended From Armenian Genocide Survivors, Has Always Been Haunted By The Long Term Effects Of Atrocity In Three Apples Fell From Heaven, She Told The Tale Of The Forcible Deportation And Massacre Of Armenians With Unsparing Directness In The Daydreaming Boy, She Imagined A Man Living In Beirut Who Is Forced To Face The Emotional Aftermath Of His Brutal Boyhood As An Orphan Of The Genocide Now, In This Darkly Lyrical Novel, Marcom Offers A Powerful Testament About The Far Reaching Impact Of Political Violence And Lost Love

[ PDF / Epub ] ✅ Draining the Sea Author Micheline Aharonian Marcom – Ebats.us
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Draining the Sea
  • Micheline Aharonian Marcom
  • English
  • 19 August 2019
  • 9781594489730

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    I really, really wanted to like this book The message is an important one But.This is the first sentence of the book THIS IS A FICTION a man a man collects corpses, proceeds on the streets of this city, the city an amass of street, of canine corpses he collects, loads them into his motorcar, and the bleeding snout, crushed full canines, the black and blow flies in the anus the snout the genitals these black corpses, these half breeds, and not worth a dollar, he thinks he thinks that if he could kill them all he would do it If this sentence annoys you, don t pick up the book This is how the entire novel is written It s stream of consciousness gone horribly w...

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    DNF 35%The background information of the past and the history as well as the personal experience was all super interesting howeverthe continuous stream of conscious headspeak was tedious and very distracting, I know this is how most people tend to think about things but spaces and sentences and a little organization would create a better story This his...

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    Marcom has constructed another haunting novel, as dark and artful as any nightmare Draining the Sea confronts the horrors of atrocities in Guatemala and Armenia, while keeping the willful ignorance of the American citizen, whose constant consumption helps to fund and equip the commission of such acts, at the forefront I had trouble reading this book in large chunks, having to put it down while the consciousnesses of the two main characters wormed their ways through my own mind The book raises strong questions about genocide and the capacity of human beings not only to withstand it with great damage but also to choose not to stop it Ultimately, I...

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    Disliked this whole book I didn t like the writing or the context Wouldn t read any of her other books either.

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