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White Lies and Custard Creams All Liz Houston Wants Is To Keep Her Head Above The Financial White Waters Of Her Life Somehow, Though, Other People, Including Ex Husband Hugh, Repeatedly Get In The Way.Hugh Just Wants A Quiet Life And To Be There For The People He Cares About Caring For Liz Does Not Lead To A Quiet Life.Moocher, Liz S Border Collie, Wants To Be Where All The Crumbs Are, He Wants To Keep All His Paws, But Most Of All He Wants To Keep Liz Company As She Rides The Rapids Of Her Life.Add In Odd Shoe Wearing Lodger Simon, Git Next Door, A Lost Brother, An Illicit Fortune Stashed Away Decades Ago, A Trio Of Part Time Thugs, Kidnappings, A Tree Climbing Tortoise And A Dog Flap With A Story Of Its Own, And It Becomes Apparent That A Few White Lies And Custard Creams Between Friends Are The Least Of Liz S Problems.Jill Mansell Internationally Best Selling Author Said Of This Book Susan Alison Has Written A Lovely, Quirky Romp Packed With Off The Wall Characters Original, Intriguing And Great Fun Susan Alison Is The Katie Fforde Bursary Award Winner For 2011 She Has Won Competition Awards For Short Fiction And Sold Numerous Stories To Commercial Publications Her Fiction Concentrates On The Relationships Humans Forge With Each Other And Quite Often With Their Dogs She Is A Freelance Artist.

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    I don t usually read romance, but I was having a bad day and a friend twisted my arm into buying this one I m so glad she made me do it White Lies Custard Creams left me with a smile on my face and I even thought, aaaaahhhhhh at the end The only trouble is, that I want a...

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    This story was not what I was expecting at all, but it was very good I really enjoyed all the twists and turns and did not expect the things that happened to happen, can t say much as it would give the story away The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars was because I don t think ...

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    This was a great read I couldn t put it down It was refreshing, funny, quirky, and inventive I love Susan s style and can t wait to read her next great adventure, which will no doubt be filled with true to life characters and their zany pets.

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    I loved this book, to describe it as just chick lit is a doing it a disservice, it s chick lit, romance,comedy,thriller and spy novel all in one entertaining package I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good read with a bit bite than your normal romance novel.

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    I enjoyed this light read Good old fashioned farce in a good way and the part where Moocher the dog is bathed made me laugh out loud I got a bit confused with the characters as it moves at quite a pace Jolly good fun

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    This took a little while for me to get into it, and even though I made it to the end I didn t find that I could get the characters.

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    Quirky, humorous and fun, this is a great read that made me laugh out loud.

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    A farce of a story Ok if you like farces, I don t

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    It was good in the end a few twists still worth a read though

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    I picked this book up when it was on special offer because I liked Susan Alison s cards that she does for the RNA conference each year and was curious about her books.I loved it I m struggling to think of how to describe it The words madcap and caper spring to mind I laughed so much I managed to snort by breakfast as one point.The plot was convoluted and the twists were completely unexpected Most of the time I had no idea what was going on, but then Liz, the protagonist was just as confused, so that was okay I loved the way all of Liz s friends, neighbours and lodgers all viewed the world through their own crazy tinted glasses.It s not meant to be a deep and meaningful sexually charged read It s meant to be light and funny and a delightful escape from everyday life A bit like The Ladyki...

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