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On Language William Safire Is The Most Widely Read Writer On Language In America In His Witty Way, Mr Safire Enlightens Us Concerning Proper Usage, Correct Pronunciation, The Roots Of Our Daily Discourse, And The Vacuous Vogue Lingo In Which Subsume Is Co Opting Co Opt, Wood Burning Stoves Become Energy Systems, And Stores That Sell Eyeglasses Squint Out At Us As Vision Centers He Is Aided In His Campaign For Precision And Clarity In Language By A Legion Of Word Buffs, Language Lovers, And Learned Eccentrics Many Of Them World Class Wordsmen In Their Own Right.Here Are Mr Safire S Delightful, Crotchety, Subtly Informative, And Awesomely Informed Comments, Decisions, And Advisories The Best Of His Famous Column In The New York Times Plus Scores Of Letters Written By Enthusiastic Or Furious Readers, Who Glory In Nailing An Expert To The Wall.

Read ✓ On Language  By William Safire –
  • Hardcover
  • 331 pages
  • On Language
  • William Safire
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
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    I bought this at a Friends of the Library book sale while on vacation It was a nice way to extend my vacation once I came home, since I think of that location while I m reading it Not that the book has anything at all to do with that location, it s just linked in my own head.So the book itself, severed from the association with my vacation, is okay Damning with faint praise, I know I really enjoyed it for about the first 1 3, was am...

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    I had picked it up for free, but after reading the first 10 columns or so I decided that it wasn t worth the time it would take to wade through it It seems to try to be threading the needle between explaining common usage and holding up a standard to feel proud snobbish about, but it doesn t always hit the mark, and the included responses from readers were mostly attrocious Additionally, the fact that it dates from the Reagan era means most of the current usage or slang topics have all fad I had picked it up for free, but after reading the first 10 columns or so I decided that it wasn t worth the time it would take to wade through it It seems to try to b...

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    I couldn t read this because a it was so yellow paged and gross and b it s hardly a book made for reading straight though, just excerpts of his column Interesting, though, what I did read the state of our english language s evolution in 1980 But does it...

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    Clarity and precision aren t the only things that matter, but they do matter, especially in journalism that s essentially the position from which Safire wrote these columns, and it s a position I share, so this book is a friend of mine.

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    I registered a book at

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    If you love words, this is a fantastic collection.Pick a page, any page.

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    This is my second copy of this book I d lost my copy I d first gotten in 1981 in a move You cannot write without some of the insights in this book It is the style book in my opinion.

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    A collection of Safire s newspaper columns in which he discusses the proper use of language Fun to just browse through.

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    One nation, and a vegetable Through the night with the light from a bulb I never knew that a commie like me could find a conservative pundit so charmingyet, there it is.

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