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 Tough, Tough Toys For Tough, Tough BoysThe New York Times Book Review Has Called Will Self A Defiant Satirist With A Peculiar Mastery Of The Vocabulary Of Modern Neurosis, And Tough, Tough Toys For Tough, Tough Boys Is A Dazzling Foray Into His Funhouse World Status Conscious New Yorkers Navigate The Perils Of Dating Along With Their Very Literal Inner Children A Man Is Seduced Into A Misanthropically Charged Symbiosis With The Insects Infesting His Cottage In The Rock Of Crack As Big As The Ritz, A Black Londoner Discovers An Enormous Rock Of Crack Cocaine Underpinning His House And Quickly Turns It Into An Efficient Little Empire In The Title Story A Psychoanalyst Strips Away All The Sang Froid Of His Professionalism To Find Beneath Precisely Nothing Sharp, Funny, And Packed With Verbal Fireworks, Tough, Tough Toys For Tough, Tough Boys Confirms Yet Again Will Self S Stature As One Of The Most Accomplished And Original Writers Of His Generation.

[PDF / Epub] ✩  Tough, Tough Toys For Tough, Tough Boys ☉ Will Self – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Tough, Tough Toys For Tough, Tough Boys
  • Will Self
  • English
  • 18 May 2018
  • 9780802137029

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    Who says short story collections have to be 30% filler Will Self hits eight consecutive balls out of the proverbial park with his third collection of short fiction, Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys Whether writing a story about two drug dealing brothers who find a stratum of crack beneath their London flat or about a pair of parents worrying over their child s mental development, oblivious to the fact that the gibberish Baby is spouting is actually fluent business German or another about an alternate now where most adults are emotional wimps who need emotes 12 foot tall mutants which share their owners genetic makeup to coddle and pamper their pathetic little psyches or another pair of stories, including the titular tale, which clinically recounts the slow descent of a boozy, womanizing psychoanalyst into emotional vacuity or about a misanthropic work at homer who develops a symbiotic relationship with the bugs which infest his flat or another about the horror of realizing how many people have the fucking name David Self packs his stories with enough humor, incident, and his own strange approach to social commentary to keep you, dear reader, a happy reader But the real prize pony in this collection is the novella The Nonce Prize which takes one of the drug dealers from the first story I mentioned, frames him for a horrific act of pedophilia and murder, an...

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    A baby speaks in business German A colony of flies forms an ecosystem in a stressed husband s loft A pedophile wins a literary prize What could you want

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    My mouse pointer hesitates over the recommend to friends button, not because I didn t thoroughly enjoy this book with every Self title I read I immediately want to read he surprises at every turn, his prose snicker snacks electrically across the page but yes, he s verbose and very British and I live in, well, America The hesitation is because he s challenging and therefore all the rewarding but some readers might not be looking for this sort of a challenge But screw it My mouse will punch that recommend button, big words be damned At the bar the other day I discovered that an American acquaintance enjoys reading Self Sure, it helps to be not a little dark of mind with a predilection for drug culture, surrealism, and dark humour , but Self s work stands on its own bent laurels with a logic all its own but sound ...

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    4.5 5 stars, only because two of the stories in the middle aren t as amazing as 3 4 of the book.This is my introduction to a writer I suspect I will cherish as I do an Eggers, or Saunders, and for essentially the same reasons Caring, Sharing in particular blew me...

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    It feels difficult to like Will Self sometimes because he enjoys using pompous language, he likes to pontificate and enunciate, to detail and complicate And yet this is the same reason why it s hard to dislike him, because in the end it still works and you re left with some fun, strange and unusual stories.I m not sure how it is for native speakers, but I do find myself reaching for the dictionary when reading his works, which can disturb the flow sometimes but otherwise, in spite of his style of writing, you...

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    This was my first Will Self book and remains one of my favorites It was an excellent presage for the other books I d read by him and contains some amazing stories that I find myself still thinking about years later Every story here is interesting, and like a lot of his work, you don t necessarily pick up every nuance on the first read I think Design Faults in the Volvo 760 Turbo is a great story, but it s one that at first bored me a bit Every single thing I ve read by Self has either entertained me or at least added to the lexicon of facts and words I keep in my cranium As an introduction to this guy s work, his ability to freak you out, and his amazing far ranging talent I think this book is top notch Having read all of his stuff I d say that Great Apes is my favorite, but perhaps it s the stories th...

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    Interesting collection of short stories some of them interlinked with interesting twists Suffers a bit from Will Self s addiction to obscure language.

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    I was attracted to Will Self by his reputation as an absurdist writer Some of his concepts here were interesting However I found his style to be over literary, which these days feels clunky to me.

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    I enjoyed the first story in this collection of short stories, but as with much of Self s fiction I just gave up It s not that the prose is bad, it s very well written in fact, but it just doesn t appeal to me His style is quite absurdist and full of odd metaphors, whereas I like realist narratives Please don t let my review put you off, part...

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    interesting use of vocab Educational even.good construction beginnings, middles and ends entertaining sure I suppose But I didn t like much like this book I put it down after a few stories and didn t want go back.I will try to put a finger on why Perhaps there was someth...

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