[Epub] ❥ Land and Privilege in Byzantium ➝ Mark C. Bartusis – Ebats.us

Land and Privilege in Byzantium A Pronoia Was A Type Of Conditional Grant From The Emperor, Often To Soldiers, Of Various Properties And Privileges In Large Measure The Institution Of Pronoia Characterized Social And Economic Relations In Later Byzantium, And Its Study Is The Study Of Later Byzantium Filling The Need For A Comprehensive Study Of The Institution, This Book Examines The Origin, Evolution And Characteristics Of Pronoia, Focusing Particularly On The Later Thirteenth And Fourteenth Centuries But The Book Is Much Than A Study Of A Single Institution With A Broad Chronological Scope Extending From The Mid Tenth To The Mid Fifteenth Century, It Incorporates The Latest Understanding Of Byzantine Agrarian Relations, Taxation, Administration And The Economy, As It Deals With Relations Between The Emperor, Monastic And Lay Landholders, Including Soldiers And Peasants Particular Attention Is Paid To The Relation Between The Pronoia And Western European, Slavic And Middle Eastern Institutions, Especially The Ottoman Timar.

[Epub] ❥ Land and Privilege in Byzantium  ➝ Mark C. Bartusis – Ebats.us
  • Hardcover
  • 742 pages
  • Land and Privilege in Byzantium
  • Mark C. Bartusis
  • English
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9781107009622

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    Where to startThis book is extremely informative on Byzantine Socio Economic history for the 11th through to the 14th centuries It is amazingly put to together by Bartusis, who literally goes through every single secondary source piece of written about the institution of pronoia in the past, and elaborates them, analyses them and criticises them He does all of this in light of the incredibly numerous amounts of Primary Sources which he categorically goes through mainly Monastic Documents, and Imperial Orders The sheer scope of this work is astounding, I truly feel like going up to Bartusis and thanking him for all of his troubles Especially his linguistic and etymological analysis of the Greek terms, and specifically of the word pronoia, i...

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