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The Werewolf's TaleJimmy Underhill Was Once The Most Respected Private Eye In Manhattan Now In 1939, Disillusioned And Disappointed, He S Been Hitting The Bottle, Playing The Ponies, And Taking On Cases No Reputable Agency Would Touch Witchcraft, Hauntings, Demonic Possessions, All Manner Of Black Magic And The Occult The Monstrous Undead Are Called From Their Graves The Drinkers Of Blood Raise Their Goblets Over The Corpses Of Their Victims In The Black Dawn The Wolf Lifts Its Great Silver Head And Howls In A Half Human Voice In New York City, The Agents Of The Nazis Are Gathering The Forces Of Evil To Unite With The Beast That Is Ravaging Europe Bitten On The Neck And Changing, Jimmy Underhill Is The Only One Who Can Halt The Nazified Swarms In The Secret, Occult Caverns Of New York But To Win This Struggle Against Evil, He Must Win The Struggle Against The Animal In Himself, The Relentless Lust Of The Werewolf That Burns Within And Threatens To Overwhelm His Human Soul.

Download ☆ The Werewolf's Tale By Richard Jaccoma –
  • Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • The Werewolf's Tale
  • Richard Jaccoma
  • 11 March 2018
  • 9780449132906

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    Don t be fooled by Werewolf s Tale s cover perhaps the fact that goodreads doesn t have it should have been the first sign It s a poorly written harlequin novel wrapped in the skin of a fantasy tale You know what, a better description is a failed script of a softcore movie They lure you in with mummies, werewolves, vampires and the other usual monsters that go bump in the night but then private detective Underhill steps in You can just feel the fan fiction leaking through this character as he can stand toe to toe with vampires and werewolves before becoming on himself Every woman he meets is described as volu...

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    If I believed in the occult and I m not saying I don t, mind you I d have to conclude that I was drawn to this book by forces I don t understand One moment, it was 2018 and I was posting something on social media and I realized, that the idea I was expressing was not originaly mine It was something said to me around 50 years ago in Manhattan s SoHo by Richard Jaccoma, a man I had not thought about in that half century during which so much had changed One change is that I could now google him and I found this book But some things had not changed Half a century ago, the Black owned restaurant that was set to open on, was it Sullivan Street was destroyed in a mysterious fire I can t seem to find that on google In this clever pulpish pastiche of several incongruous genres, it was 1939, the forces of fascism were on the rise in both Europe and Manhattan Men were men and women were women when they weren t shape shifting, yet there s something familiar about then and now Back or forward in 2018, the Tennessee legislature had just killed a resolution condemning neo Nazism, while Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier described by his own Republican party as a Nazi is now their candidate for Illinois 3rd Congressional District.The 1939 Nazis were in league with S...

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    Great Pulp FunFantastic old school pulp No noir, just pulp Werewolves, zombies, Nazis,mummies,women with impossible breasts you name it, this book has it Told only mildly tounge in cheek it s a helluva lot of fun Read it Enjoy And check out his earlier book, The Yellow Peril for pulp action.

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    Average werewolf story Nice add with the detective twist Recommended

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    If you can find this book, read it It s like if Indiana Jones were a private eye and a werewolf and in some kind of Lovecraftian nightmare town Seriously.

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