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Move! Youre in Your Own Way Are You Dealing With Change, Challenges, A Desire To Create, Or To Climb New Mountains, Do You Wish To Accomplish New Goals And Do Than You Have Done Before Are You Dealing With The Stress Of Doing Too Much, Not Enough, Or Not The Right Thing Many People Do Not Know What To Do To Get Out Of Their Own Way To Make Extraordinary Success Happen This Book Has Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, And Action Packed Methods For Change It Tells Readers The Now What And What Next It Adds Individualized Practical Tools For Change Readers Will Clearly Identify And Articulate Who They Are, Learning About Their Values, Beliefs, Strengths And Accomplishments Build On This Knowledge And Create A Clear Vision Of Success Discover How To Take Control Of Their Personal Power And The Power Of Intentions To Make The Vision Real Learn To Negotiate Change And Overcome Limiting Barriers And Roadblocks To Success Envision New Possibilities, Take Strong Action And Increase Their Level Of Satisfaction In Areas Of Their Lives Learn Tools To Live At 100% Learn To Not Neglect Self Care And Live A Balanced Life.

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