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The Blue Vase Before And After School, While Her Parents Work, Sonia Stays With Her Next Door Neighbor, Mrs Kaminski, And Her Granddaughter, Marta When Sonia Accidentally Breaks Mrs Kaminski S Precious Blue Vase, Marta Offers To Keep It A Secret For A Price But Sonia Is Not Able To Satisfy Marta S Escalating Demands Gifts And Money And When Marta Spreads Lies About Sonia At School, Her Classmates Taunt Her Finally, After A Teacher Discovers Stolen Property In Sonia S Knapsack, Sonia Is Forced To Find The Courage She Needs To Confront Her Bully This Chapter Book For Middle Grade Readers Tackles An Issue That Needs To Be Addressed Schoolteachers, Parents And Boys And Girls Alike Will Find Something To Talk About In This Captivating Story By Katarina Jovanovic.

[Ebook] ↠ The Blue Vase  Author Katarina Jovanovic – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • The Blue Vase
  • Katarina Jovanovic
  • 02 January 2019
  • 9781896580913

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    This book from Canada provides an excellent examination of how bullying works and how fears can keep someone quiet When ten year old Sonia accidentally breaks a lovely blue vase belonging to the neighbor with whom she stays after school, the woman s granddaughter Marta offers to cover everything up so that Sonia won t get in trouble She leads Sonia to believe that the vase is quite expensive, and Sonia s parents could never afford to replace it What looks like an act of compassion at first quickly turns into extortion as Marta demands money, food, gifts As her demands escalate, Sonia becomes and frightened, especially when Marta launches a bullying campaign against her at school As her classmates turn on her, Sonia withdraws even further In desperation, she uses her own experiences to write a story about bullying, which her teacher, Mr Peters, admires Eventually, the real story comes out, and Sonia realizes that the blue vase which Marta claims was so priceless was one of many vases just like it that can be found in a local shop The illustrations and the text are both outstanding here, a...

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