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Angelique se révolteThe Beautiful Setting Of The Poitou Region Makes A Stunning Contrast With The Story Which Often Boils Over Into Bloody Violence The Political Situation Is Destined To Bring Multiple Tragedies For Ang Lique And, After Enjoying A Moment Of Revenge, Finds That She Is Pregnant With An Unwanted Daughter Now A Leader Of Men But Destined For Defeat, She Is Forced To Seek Sanctuary With The Monks Of The Abbey Of Nieul, But Encounters Yet Violence On Leaving She Eventually Owes A Great Debt To A Prosperous Merchant Called Maitre Berne, And Repays Him By Actively Supporting His Protestant Family At La Rochelle In Their Ongoing Battle Against Persecution.But As Ang Lique Helps One Of The Leaders Of The Community Flee, She Discovers That She Has Been The Victim Of A Cruel Betrayal

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    Angelique in Revolt ExSergeanne Golon 4th in seriesAngelique returns to her beloved Chateau in Poitou but she finds herself a prisoner in her own home, for King Louis XIV, furious that she has turned her back on the magnificent Court, demands a public submission from her before she regains her privileges Molines, the wise steward of her estates, pleads with her to restore herself in the King s favour, not only for her own sake, but also in order that she can intercede on behalf of the ravaged land and people of Poitou Poitou is the centre of resistance to the harsh measures the King is taking against the French Protestants, the Huguenots, and the soldiers whom he has sent to enforce conversion have become the hated oppressors of the peasantry, Huguenot and Catholic alike Even as Angelique agrees to humble herself before the King, tragedy strikes after a night of horror and destruction she places h...

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    This review might be considered spoilerish for those who have not yet read the first three books in the series Enter at your own risk Rescued in the nick of time from her calamitous adventures in the East, Louis XIV banishes Ang lique to her estates in Poitou, a region that is at the core of the disputes between the Catholic church and those of the Huguenot faith Ang lique might be Catholic, but she s outraged at the the barbaric treatment her countrymen receive from the King s dragoons, and she eventually finds herself on the receiving end of it a night that will forever change her No fancy dresses, jewels and balls with elegant courtiers, Ang lique wants nothing but revenge for the horror she was put through, and she finds herself at the head of a revolt against the crown as tensions explode and Poitou erupts info flames I ...

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    I know I read several Angelique books in the 60 s still have some on my shelves in fact and I recall being somewhat embarrassed buying them I guess back then that type of book was still considered naughty and I was still in my teens I found a diary entry where I wrote out a quote from the book she knew that she would inevitably succumb to the subtle bond that draws a woman, with her inner longing for subjugation, into the arms of the man who has vanquished her I guess this series was a precursor of the Bodice ripper romances that exploded in popularity in the early 70s where the romance took the form of being ravished by the hero and loving it When that s pretty much all there was in the way of Romance Novels you accepted it Times certainly change. I completed my journal entry by n...

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    Kone n se daly v ci v ce m n do pohybu a Angelika si uv domila, e se mus vzchopit a pokra ovat d le Byla jsem p ekvapen , e nakonec p evl dla jej vl dn str nka k tomu b sn ku, kter o ernil ji a jej ho man ela ekala bych od n trochu n co jin ho, m la se zachovat jinak, ale nam sto toho prost podlehla To mi nep i lo...

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    This is the first of the Angelique novels that takes place after the last of the movies, Angelique and the Sultan, so it s the place to start if you ve seen the movies and just want to continue on Engrossing, but a bit gruelin...

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    The whole 7 parts of Angelique are the typical example of classic romance and adventure they are able to enchant people 30 years ago as now The strong female character and the richness of the story is what the present book shelf missing.

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    3.5 5

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    This is the fifth book in the Angelique series I read this in high school many years ago.

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    The whole series has remained a favourite of mine since I was a teenager Grand rollicking adventure and love in the seventeenth century France with brains and courage at the center of it all.

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    Can t wait to see what happens next

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