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Angélique et le Complot des OmbresAng Lique En Haar Echtgenoot Joffrey De Peyrac Besluiten Naar Qu Bec Te Gaan Om Daar De Winter Door Te Brengen Dit Plan Is Echter Niet Van Gevaar Ontbloot, Omdat De Heerszuchtige En Pronkzieke Gouverneur Van Canada, Graaf De Frontenac, Niet Vergeten Zal Zijn Dat Joffrey Een Ter Dood Veroordeelde Is En Dat Ang Lique Met Alle Middelen De Soldaten Van De Zonnekoning Heeft Bevochten

[[ Reading ]] ➽ Angélique et le Complot des Ombres Author Anne Golon – Ebats.us
  • Hardcover
  • 267 pages
  • Angélique et le Complot des Ombres
  • Anne Golon
  • Dutch
  • 24 August 2019
  • 9789023503323

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    Angelique and the Ghosts ExSergeanne Golon 9th in series last in English A complex book than its predecessor Ang lique and the Demon, which was pure adrenaline , Ang lique and the Ghosts sees shadowy figures from her past appearing, perhaps by chance, perhaps through the influence of shadowy influences from mother France.Who is pulling the strings, and why Are they friends or enemies, or both How will Ang lique s old relationships and new found friends affect the mission to make peace with the administration of New France in Quebec The subtle interplay of the various relationships almost disguises the fact that the book contains a great deal of action Unlike the previous book, which came to a conclusion of soirts, while opening up beginnings, this book is full of beginnings.At the end, you are gripped by the characters, and eager to learn what happens next and I STILL DON T KNOW 20 years after I first read this book because the next three books haven t been translated into Engl...

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    Non metto una stellina perch non ho cuore di farlo, ma onestamente stato un volume completamente inutile La narrazione completamente immobile stile fattoria di The Walking Dead e l assenza totale di avvenimenti rilevanti hanno contribuito a renderlo anche particolarmente noioso Per contrasto, poi, viene subito dopo uno dei volumi pi belli certamente il mio preferito...

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    Read the Angelique series in the 80 s, it is a series of than 6 books, can t remember, however they were great books to read over the summer I really enjoyed Angelique and the king

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    Amazing character Angelique is one of those rare characters that comes along and snares you hook line and sinker into their soul, into their world She s a fantastic character and I adore these books I cannot recommend high enough To qualify, this is not a romance book or a steamy read This is excellent writing and a story of a woman Character driven Historical fiction with a wonderfully researched period of time stretching the world depending upon which book in the series It has a strong element of a love story though it s not even a love story at its core in my estimation It s just an excellent story that spans a globe and injects wonderful characters This has it all love, historical relevancy, redemption, death, murder, hope, despair, psychological tumult, sensuality, friendship, familial love, suffering, temptation, loss, adventure and much much Well done I have two complaints only First, the book covers They are ridiculous...

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    I m having a bit of let s try rating some of the thousands of books I ve read phase It probably won t last long but here is one series I read as a teenager My next door neighbour had the whole set of these those that had been translated into English anyway and I loved them so much she gave them to me I read a lot of books ...

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    Finishes just when interesting things are going to happen Waited 20 years for the next in the series then bought my own copy of Angelique a Quebec and started to translate it myself Up to about page 10...

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    The Angelique books are, really, the only Romance books that I have read I am not sure that these can be found any Set mostly in France during Louis XIV reign Lots of historical research done on these, though you couldn t tell from the covers One picture and a scantily clad ...

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    Wow Look at that cover I love it, plenty of skin, bosom exposed, and a picture of loveliness, everything the heroine of a good Bodice Ripper should be You know the guy behind her is just going to rip it off

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    Read to complete the translated set very frustrating as the other half of this was never translated.

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    I have read all Angelique books, great reads, very romantic

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