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Life is a Stevie Wonder SongAuthors Know That Their Muse Is A Fickle Creature Best Selling Spy Novelist Stephen Ramsey Has Been In A Hate Hate Relationship With His Inspiration For Months When Stephen S Publisher Lays A Legal Ultimatum Upon Him, With A Rapidly Approaching Deadline, He Knows He Must Do Something To Kick Start His Creativity Or Face The Unemployment Line His Daughter Comes Up With A Possible Answer A Summer Camp For The Creative Soul With Nothing To Lose, Stephen Packs Up His Laptop, Phonograph And Beloved Record Albums And Heads From Greenwich Village To The Catskill Mountains There, Among A Horde Of College Students Attending For Extra Credits, Is Declan Pomeroy, A Photographer Of Fey Creatures Who Is Twenty Two Years Younger Than Stephen The Woods Are A Magical Place, And He Quickly Finds Himself Falling Under The Spell Of The Free Spirited Photographer Confusion Wars With Desire Inside Stephen As He Succumbs To The Feelings Welling Up Inside But, Sadly, Summer Camp Always Has To End Can A Man Who Has Just Found Himself Really Leave The Person That Makes His Heart Sing

!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Life is a Stevie Wonder Song ❤ Author V.L. Locey – Ebats.us
  • ebook
  • 87 pages
  • Life is a Stevie Wonder Song
  • V.L. Locey
  • English
  • 04 July 2017
  • 9781944449094

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    This is a short, quirky, somewhat whimsical and quite delightful sexual awakening and May to December romance rolled into one.I honestly wasn t sure where it was going when I first started reading it and, for a time, I don t think the story quite did either as Stephen s attraction to Declan did seem to come from nowhere.Declan s own behaviour was a tad strange but it did fit into the character of a much younger dreamer with his fey photography and idealistic experiences.All in all though a quick read which was enjoyable and a bit different.This is a re release and it has a lovely new cover I don t believe there s any changes to the text though.ETA The lovely VL Locey has let me know the...

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    You re a 45 year old author with three failed marriages under your belt, and a pressing deadline to finish your latest Mick Dell think James Bond mega seller but you ve lost your mojo What do you do You actually listen to your 20 yr old daughter and spend the summer at Whispering Pines Creative Campground, some sort of summer camp in upstate New York, to get in touch with nature and find your muse although you know it s some goddamn hippy commune in the Catskills at the end of 10 miles of unpaved road.When Steven Ramsey arrives at Camp Acid Trip , he becomes besotted with Declan, a lean young man of 22 who is a photographer of fey things foggy lakes, leaves thin as pixie wings, fairy rings mushrooms in the forest lit by moonbeams , and all of a sudden as in two sentences realizes exactly why his three marriages failed The summer dissolves into a series of hot, oh so hot nights of passion, with a background of tunes on vinyl by Stevie Wonder, Fleetwoo...

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    This was sweetreally, really sweet and I ll be back to chat about it soonish, of course Sorry, I m on the move right now and the reading is a little easier to accomplish than the reviewing but I ll get thereI promise May 10 18 Update finally my review for this little gem Who doesn t know the words to at least one song by Stevie Wonder While I m still not a big fan of stories where there s an age gap between the MCs and by age gap I mean 10 years or I really enjoyed this one Stephen Ramsey is a successful 45 year old writer who s lost his muse He s been married 3 times and has a college aged daughter who thinks he needs to try something different and wants him to go to a retreat for the summernot having any better ideas he decides to give it a try and heads off for basically the middle of nowhere to find his muse and commune with nature What he finds is 22 year old Declan Pomeroy a photography student who piques his interest and has him totally enchanted.While I haven t read a lot of stories by this author I have to admit this one had a slightly different tone to the writing and I enjoyed it At times it felt a little rambly and disjointed but at times life can be a bit rambly yes, rambly s a wordok, maybe i just made it one but hey how do you think all these other words came to be and disjointed so really why can t stories reflect that aspect of the real world if it works and in...

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    Life is a Stevie Wonder Song by V.L Locey V.L Locey s Life is a Stevie Wonder Song is a thoughtful story that is full of a man s self discovery This contemporary adult novella takes place in New York City and Catskill, NY The story is told from the viewpoint of best selling author Stephen Ramsey, who has lost his muse He has gone through three divorces and has been unmotivated in writing his next spy novel His daughter suggests he goes on a summer retreat in the Catskill Mountains to reignite his writing There he meets college photography student, Declan Pomeroy, a free spirit that has him reevaluating his life V.L Locey created a wonderfully well written and reflective story The characters are likable and deep I enjoyed the humor I love that the much older Stephen is open minded and learns a few things from Declan Declan is a very arty photographer who has a fantastic vision He sees and feels the magic of nature I could picture his work in my head and wish I could see it in real life I love that Declan does not look at things in terms of labels The two are very different people but complement each other Life is a Stevie Wonder Song is a terrific short story that I read in one sitting Complimentary copy provided by th...

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    A really cute enjoyable GFY story about an author whose muse has vanished Steven s life has taken it s toll He has spent the advance he had to write a book that hasn t been started and the empty page on his laptop is sparse than ever His daughter suggests he takes himself away from New York to seek new experiences, and he takes her suggestion to heart.Whilst away he meets Declan, a photography student half his age Captivated by the young man they ...

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    Stephen has lost his muse So his daughter comes up with a idea of him going to a summer camp for the creative soul That is where he meets Declan a photographer he is attracted to. This was a short book so I will not go to much into it This Novella was so good and I really loved these two men together It did feel a little rushed to m...

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    This is a sweet novella from the wonderful mind of V.L Locey We have a bestselling author, Stephan Ramsey, and he s got killer writer s block Something authors know first hand Sometimes you can break through the wall Other times you need a push and so when Stephan s daughters tells him to take a vacation to the Catskill Mountains he does Enter free bir...

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    Great story

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    This was a bit of harmless fantasy which I was kind of enjoying in a mindless way but the last twenty pages or so did manage to annoy me The story such as it is had one of my favorite tropes older younger Problem is you can t look at this even at middle distance because nothing is explained The fact that Steve, the older writer, is attracted to the younger man needs no explanation He s a sprite like creature and in the midst of a summer idle quite appealing However what Declan, the fae man child, sees in Steve is anyone s guess.Too much was elided and we ll say nothing of the fact that this thrice heterosexually married, Jo...

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is short, but so much fun It is slightly crazy but that can be love, can t it I enjoyed it from start to finish from the love of vinyl I am with Stephen there , to running around the wood in bare feet although usually clothes than Declan I was enchanted The premise of the author who has lost faith in his hero, has lost faith in relationships and needs a break from the chaos of New York going out into a wilderness retreat with his record player et al is fun The discovery he makes which changes everything, and yet suddenly makes sense beautifully wri...

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