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Lead and Disrupt In The Past Few Years, A Number Of Well Known Firms Have Failed Think Of Blockbuster, Kodak, Or RadioShack When We Read About Their Demise, It Often Seems Inevitable A Natural Part Of Creative Destruction But Closer Examination Reveals A Disturbing Truth Companies Large And Small Are Shuttering Quickly Than Ever What Does It Take To Buck This Trend The Simple Answer Is Ambidexterity Firms Must Remain Competitive In Their Core Markets, While Also Winning In New Domains Innovation Guru Clayton M Christensen Has Been Pessimistic About Whether Established Companies Can Prevail In The Face Of Disruption, But Charles A O Reilly III And Michael L Tushman Know They Can The Authors Explain How Shrewd Organizations Have Used An Ambidextrous Approach To Solve Their Own Innovator S Dilemma They Contrast These Luminaries With Companies Which Often Trapped By Their Own Successes Have Been Unable To Adapt And Grow.Drawing On A Vast Research Program And Over A Decade Of Helping Companies To Innovate, The Authors Present A Set Of Practices To Guide Firms As They Adopt Ambidexterity Top Down And Bottom Up Leaders Are Key To This Process A Fact Too Often Overlooked In The Heated Debate About Innovation But Not In This Case Readers Will Come Away With A New Understanding Of How To Improve Their Existing Businesses Through Efficiency, Control, And Incremental Change, While Also Seizing New Markets Where Flexibility, Autonomy, And Experimentation Rule The Day.

[Reading] ➼ Lead and Disrupt  By Charles O’Reilly – Ebats.us
  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • Lead and Disrupt
  • Charles O’Reilly
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9780804798655

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    Review coming Complicated feelings after reading the book Some good analyses some good tools not so sure about the quality of the corporate examples used particularly IBM and Cisco More coming.

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    The authors present compelling evidence on how the implementation of ambidexterity, exploitation of core markets and exploration innovation as a strategic business model is the answer to a long lasting and healthy business It does gets a bit too repetitive with these terms by the end of the book though They also present good examples on how companies have successfully solved their own innovators dilemma, and those who failed in doing so like Kodak The book presents a good fram...

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    It s taken me a while to read this, waylaid as I was by other reading exploits, but I m very glad I got back to it What I liked most was the various company illustrations those who ve ridden the change wave well and thos...

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    The book includes some useful insight I read this book along with my management peers as an assignment from our CEO It is my opinion that the book needs editing It was too repetitive This was also the consensus among the other managers I discussed the book with I usually enjo...

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    Very good rejoinder to the Innovators Dilemma Recommended reading for anyone in an innovative or creative field.

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    Good book for companies who are wondering how to manage new, innovative businesses within a legacy of profitability.

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    Similar narration from Jim Collins.

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    Very good book on management and moving to the next level.

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    Extremely timely, this book combines the theoretical and practical with the expertise that should support those of us who really care about innovating Well done

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    Long term corporate success requires exploiting existing businesses while simultaneously searching for and launching new businesses The problem these two activities require very different leadership, cultures, and operating models The solution read this book.

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