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夏目友人帳 19Natsume Isn T Looking Forward To Meeting With One Of His Old Classmates, Even Though His New Friend Tanuma Is Coming Along For Moral Support But Brash Shibata Has On His Mind Than Just Reminiscing A House On His Street Is Being Haunted By Evil Dolls Can Natsume Help, Or Will His Presence Just Make A Scary Situation Even Worse

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    Read on February 28, 2016NATSUME ANIME SEASON 5 COMING OUT FALL 2016 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love the manga, but I definitely think the animation, sound and voice acting add so much to the story I can hardly wait 2016 is the year I finally gave anime a sec...

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    Sure, this book may have lost its forward momentum, but I still love it I love the characters, especially Natsume, and I love seeing how much he s grown from the first volume Of the four stories in here, I loved two of them The second story, abou...

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    Series Review In SHORT Magical, personal and quietly brilliant.In DETAIL Themes Being different, loneliness, creatures from myth and legend, friendship and camaraderie and the meaning of family.Setting Rural Japan in all its loveliness When it comes to a time period I d say, roughly the here and now Atmosphere At once magical and ordinary The focus on interpersonal relationships in a world where a vast array of supernatural creatures are never far, is the key to making this story so wonderful It is almost always less about the being s strangeness and abilities, but rather its hopes and wishes Characters Relationships Every character is incredibly unique and loveable in their own way What I adore the portrayal of the ayakashi is that Natsume always tries to understand the circumstances of a creature first and only if there is no other way will try to bind it or even kill it Mostly the ayakashi are shown as having different values or being ignorant of human customs Plot Natsume has to cope with his ability to see ayakashi and with the mysterious Book of Friends his grandmother left behind Not to mention this erratic lucky cat that is actually something very different called Nyanko sensei At first the chapters are rather episodic in a monster of the week style but many really touching and never boring , but somewhere along the line characters, supernatural and human, appear and as Natsume s friends and acquaintances expand, the plot branches out.Cover Artwork T...

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    Poor Natsume, but I m glad that he is not alone in all this the ending really got me I hope we learn about his families past It would be really interesting to see where he comes from.

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    OMG, I regret not buying all of these in physical copies The art style is fantastic as always.

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    Midorikawa sensei talks herself about how this series has grown matured as its length has extended, and you can really see it This is a gorgeous example of retaining an episodic format usually not my favourite way of storytelling but increasingly ensuring the sum is so much than the parts.

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    4 5I haven t reviewed the last few books While I do love this series, I don t tend to have a lot to say about it It s a subtle series, but it s so good.Plot lines are still very episodic, but we re getting a bigger overall plot with slow progression, as well as some recurring characters We get to see two different characters again in this volume, including Matoba and his family We get a background on their curse and how they live with it It s an interesting contrast to Natsume, and definitely a creepy one There s a chapter focusing on Reiko, and it s a better side than we sometimes get It gives an interesting insight into Natsume s family and where he comes from.I like that we re getting to know about Natsume and the people around him, slowly It s nice seeing the gang of yokai that follow him, and I love getting to see his interactions with his school friends Tanuma is a sweet friend, and I like when he shows up.This is a sweet, subtle, and lovely series I love each vol...

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    Natsume s Book of Friends remains one of my favourite non BL manga It sometimes meanders a bit, but in this case it works for me Its strength apart from Natsume is its quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and the way it makes me believe in all the good things Not all stories resonate equally with me, but the ones that move me REALLY move me It really isn t at all like Sa...

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