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Great Americans Great Americans The Founders Is A Fun, Information Packed Resource Suitable For Students Studying American History For The First Time Or Even For Those Who Just Want A Quick, Patriotic, Fact Filled Refresher The Book Profiles Ten Great Americans From The Revolutionary War And Colonial Era Including Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Dolley Madison, Abigail Adams, Robert Fulton, David Bushnell, Samuel Prescott, Daniel Boone, Isaac Davis And Henry Knox.Through Trivia, Ten Biographical Vignettes And Historical Images, Readers Will Learn About An Amazing Turtle That Almost Helped George Washington Win The Revolutionary War And Also How A Classically Trained Painter Invented The Steamboat Readers Will Also Find Out Which One American Signed The Declaration Of Independence, The Treaty Of Paris And The U.S Constitution Through The Power Of These Great Lives, This Book Details The Character, Choices, Values And Virtues That Fueled American Innovation, Liberty, Democracy And The Unique Events That Led To The Founding Of America.

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