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The Story Equation Discover The Story Equation One Question Can Unlock Your Entire Story Are You Struggling To Build A Riveting Plot Layered Characters How About Fortify That Saggy Middle Create That Powerful Ending You Can Build An Entire Book By Asking One Powerful Question, And Then Plugging It Into An Equation That Makes Your Plot And Characters Come To Life You Ll Learn How To Build The External And Internal Journey Of Your Characters, Create A Theme, Build Story And Scene Tension, Create The Character Change Journey And Even Pitch And Market Your Story All With One Amazing Question Learn The Amazing Trick To Creating Unforgettable, Compelling Characters That Epic Movies Use How To Create Riveting Tension To Keep The Story Driving From Chapter To Chapter The Easy Solution To Plotting The Middle Of Your Novel The One Element Every Story Needs To Keep A Reader Up All Night How To Craft An Ending That Makes Your Reader Say To Their Friends, Oh, You Have To Read This Book Using The Powerful Technique That Has Created Over Fifty RITA, Christy And Carol Award Winning, Best Selling Novels, Susan May Warren Will Show Novelists How To Utilize The Story Equation To Create The Best Story They Ve Ever Written The Story Equation Is Pure Genius Randy Ingermanson, Author Of Writing Fiction For Dummies In Simple Yet Powerful Terms, Susan May Warren Lays Down The Essential Crafting Elements That Make For A Gripping Tale This Is The Stuff We All Need To First Learn And Then Constantly Keep In Mind As We Dive Into The Process Of Laying The Story We See In Our Minds Down On The Page A Great Benefit To All Writers Of Fiction Ted Dekker, New York Times Best Selling Author There Have Been Only Two Must Have Craft Books On My Shelf For Years Now There Is A Third If You Write Fiction, Susan May Warren S The Story Equation Is A Book You Need To Buy And Devour I Could Talk In Detail About The Book S Insight, Its Power To Transform Your Writing, Its Brilliance, But Suffice It To Say I Predict This Will Become A Classic In The Library Of How To Write Bestselling Stories James L Rubart Bestselling Author Of The Long Journey To Jake Palmer Susan May Warren Loves To Help Novelists Outrageously Succeed She Does This In A Practical Way Through Her Insightful Book, The Story Equation I Felt Like I D Been Taken By The Hand And Mentored By A Masterful Storyteller Mary DeMuth, Author Of Six Novels Including, The Muir House Zondervan Susan May Warren Is A Terrific Teacher And Enabler Of Fiction Writers I Wholeheartedly Agree With The Approach Of Starting From The Character Journey And Wrapping The Plot Around It I Think The SEQ Can Really Help Lots Of Authors Jeff Gerke, National Writing Instructor And Writer S Digest Author Of The Irresistible Novel Every Novelist Who Wants To Up Their Game Should Own A Copy Of The Story Equation Susan May Warren Has Distilled Down Years Of Teaching To An Understandable, Transferable Technique The SEQ That Helps Them Develop Stories That Will Captivate Their Readers I Ve Seen Susie Teach This Method And Watched The Before And After Affect In Writers Lives Including My Own Beth K Vogt, 2016 Christy Award Winning Author Of Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Download ☆ The Story Equation  By Susan May Warren –
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • The Story Equation
  • Susan May Warren
  • English
  • 01 February 2018
  • 9781943935116

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    3.5 stars

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    Excellent book that emphasizes the character s inner journey through fears, flaws, lies they tell themselves, and eventually the cause a big dark moment from their past that should only be revealed later in the story This sets up for the ever elusive, but oh so important cathartic ending, when the self lie is put to rest, fears are overcome, and the hero has developed a new worldview.Whether you ve incorporated story mod...

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    This made sense to me.

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    I enjoyed Susan May Warren s book, The Story Equation, and found it very helpful After reading it, I have a better understanding of the narrative story arc I like the way she broke it up into 4 acts Her explanation was clear and concise I particularly thought the examples...

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    I thought this was an excellent resource for any writers wanting to learn to write authentic, lovable characters and have them drive your story Susan May Warren teaches you how to weave together an internal character arc with an external character journey for maximum impact and enjoyment for your readers I learned a lot and look forward to trying out her suggestions I loved this quote and ...

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    I ve been reading a lot of writing craft books lately for a course I m doing Some of them I d read before, but a lot of them contain content I ve read before or come across in other classes, workshops, ect, so I was starting to get a little bored still diligently taking notes though because you never know what tiny fragment might prove new or helpful However the new angles and heightened emotional focus made this a very useful book which felt quite fresh.The book focuses on certain events, their emotional impact and fallout and how that affects almost everything n your story in some way and helps grow your unique characters It also helps with plotting the middle in a way that takes the muddle out of the middle.From a note taking perspective it was a bit frustrating because points were brought up in brief, t...

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    Great book for muddying writersI found this book to be very insightful about creating an even compelling story Storytelling can be difficult when you ve run out of steam and don t know where to take your characters Sometimes it gets difficult to mo...

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    This is a very good book for authors who have difficulty building complex characters and intricate plots I have been writing for a very long time and tend to like to write and read novels without quite so much detail Still, I picked up a few good ideas and that s always good I know I will refer back to this book when I start my next novel I recommend this for people who are serious about writing good novels with interesting characters If you ar...

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    Though at times I was a touch confused about the specific definition of a term she uses or the order in which she suggests listing certain plot elements, overall I found this book extremely beneficial It helped me develop my protagonis...

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    The most valuable fiction resource I ve found so far It turns the confusion of process into a manageable task.

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