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Veronika decide morrerUne Apr S Midi D Hiver, Sa Fen Tre, Une Jeune Femme Observe La Ville Pour La Premi Re Fois, Son Regard Est Serein Veronika Vient D Avaler Quatre Bo Tes De Somnif Res Elle Ne Veut Plus Subir L Insupportable Monotonie Des Jours Et L Angoisse Des Nuits L H Pital Psychiatrique O Elle Se R Veille, Elle Apprend Que Sa Mort N Est Retard E Que D Une Semaine Durant Ce Sursis, Elle Fait La Connaissance De Zedka, La R Veuse Philosophe, De La Douce Maria Et De Son Syndrome De Panique, Et Surtout D Eduard, Le Schizophr Ne M Lomane, Qui Coute La Jeune Femme Des Nuits Enti Res Lorsqu Elle Joue Au Piano Peu Peu S L Ve En Veronika Le D Sir Nouveau De Se Livrer, Un Homme, La Ville, La Vie Paulo Coelho Poursuit Son P Lerinage Aupr S Des Lecteurs, Leur Apprenant Suivre Leur L Gende Personnelle, Comme Le Pr Conisent Les Quatre Ouvrages Qui Ont Tabli Sa R Putation De Sage Des Temps Modernes L Alchimiste, Sur Le Bord De La Rivi Re Piedra, Le P Lerin De Compostelle Et Le Manuel Du Guerrier De La Lumi ReLaure Anciel

[Ebook] Veronika decide morrer By Paulo Coelho – Ebats.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • Veronika decide morrer
  • Paulo Coelho
  • French
  • 24 March 2017
  • 9782253152279

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    Pretty, single, 24 year old Veronika decides to die for two reasons, both of them phony one, because she realizes she will one day be old and two, because a lot of things are wrong in this world She then takes a lot of sleeping pills While waiting to die, as if she s waiting for her cat to finish drinking its milk, Veronika decides to read a magazine and then write to the editor of that magazine Which made the scene cartoonish.This rare combination of phoniness and cartoonishness gelled and gave birth to this masterpiece A masterpiece of nothingness, like a gigantic void proud of its vast emptiness Paolo Coelho is like a god, not only to those who worship him, for he has created something out of nothing using the time tested way of hoodwinking morons who read books like this sprinkling lots of amphibologies and gobbledygooks to a plotless tale of nonsense Gripping their highlighters, these morons would then make passages like this shine in neon, marvel at how deep they are, and then give the book a 5 star rating at goodreads.com We all live in our own world But if you look up at the starry sky, you ll see that all the different worlds up there combine to form constellations, solar systems, galaxies p.162.He could have added If you feel all alone in this big, wide world as if you carry the weight of all the sadness there is, then look up at the starry, starry sky during a starry, starry night and realize that there are aliens living in all those other planets who, in their so...

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    Fantastic read Awesome I could not put the book down Veronika Decides to Die just read the title again.decides to die How many times have you said to yourself, at least I have, Ahh I don t care, I don t really want to live any , without even thinking about the meaning of it.So Veronika said the same thing and decided to do something about it Why Nothing bad had happened to Veronika, she was beautiful, had a regular life very ordinary though but normalShe decided that it was not exciting enough, and decided to die But her suicide attempt didn t succeed and she ended up in the mental hospital The pills ruined her heart and she had one week to live before she dies or so she was told An awareness of death encourages us to live intensely Having only week to live, Veronika re discovers herself sexually and emotionally, falls in love, and starts having this eagerness to live.In addition, her suicide touched lives of other people in the mental hospital, who started cherish every day of their lives Basically everything that happens in our life is our fault, and our fault alone So when the next time you say to yourself, Ahh I don t care, I don t really want to live any think twice.2014 Update I re read this book this year for my book club 6 years since I read it first I agree with all points after my first read but want to add some additi...

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    90 Veronika decide morrer Veronika Decides To Die On the Seventh Day 2 , Paulo CoelhoVeronika Decides to Die Portuguese Veronika Decide Morrer is a novel by Paulo Coelho It tells the story of 24 year old Slovenian Veronika, who appears to have everything in life going for he...

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    Veronika is a 24 year old Slovenian woman who one day decides to kill herself, apparently because 1 everything in her life was the same and, once her youth was gone, it would be downhill all the way and 2 everything is wrong with the world and she feels powerless to make things right After she takes an overdose of sleeping pills, Veronika wakes up in a mental asylum and the remainder of the book is, basically, a series of interactions between Veronika and a number of the inhabitants of the asylum, including a young schizophrenic named Eduard, who mainly stands around mutely and masturbates while Veronika plays the piano Veronika what else inexplicably falls in love with him, after she similarly inexplicably regains her joie de vivre.I suppose, that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Veronika, and certainly Coelho does not add much else in terms of characterisation Some reviewers have pointed out that to create realistic characters or believable plot is not the point of this book and certainly not Coelho s intention I guess ...

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    this shitty, whiny book in a nutshell, which is all it deserves a simple, trite, self indulgent allegory that poorly contemplates the similarities between genius and insanityi think this is the worst passage i ve read so far Vitriol was a toxic substance whose symptoms he had identified in his conversations with the men and women he had met Now he was writing a thesis on the subject, which he would submit to the Slovenian Academy of Sciences for its scrutiny It was the most important step in the field of insanity since Dr Pinel had ordered that patients should be unshackled, astonishing the medical world with the idea that some of them might even be cured.As with the libido the chemical reaction responsible for sexual desire, which Dr Freud had identified, but which no laboratory had ever managed to isolate Vitriol was released by the human organism whenever a person found him or herself in a frightening situation, although it had yet to be picked up in any spectrographic tests It was easily recognized, though, by its taste, which was neither sweet nor savory a bitter taste Dr Igor, the as ye...

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    At about 50 pages in, it s a little frightening how much I ve identified with Veronika thus far, how much I understand her rationale for wanting to die She can only see one path unfolding for herself, and it s one she can t stomach I get that But unlike Veronika I haven t given up hope that my path may yet fork off in unexpected and exciting directions.I also read and think there must be a certain kind of comfort in going truly insane Not this garden variety neurosis I experience, but really, disconnected from reality insane We re so frightened of the idea of insanity, of not knowing what s going on around us or not being able to distinguish truth from fantasy, but what would it be like to live it There s a part of me that thinks maybe it would be just a little liberating, and I can understand why the Fraternity wants to stay in the asylum instead of returning to the world outside I m settled in to read It s drizzling rain and the sky outside is a deep, melancholy gray I ve got pillows stacked up on the couch, the cat languorously swishing his tail as he gazes...

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    2 bemused yes bemused stars Veronika has a mild personality disorder and attempts a serious suicide attempt She is placed in a private psych hospital in the capital of Slovenia She is beautiful and artistic and hypersexual and special I suspect that this is the way Mr Coelho views himself as well Through pretentious and contrived conversations and situations filled with half facts, pseudo wisdom and a whole lot of malarkey she is cured This is not a novel but rather a vehicle for Mr Coelho to brand his own personal philosophies to the masses almost like propaganda This book elicited a bemused response from me at this age so I decided to imagine what Jaidee at other ages would have thought and felt about this book.Jaidee at 14 1 star really weird and kind of boring Jaidee at 19 3 stars Wow that Veronika is one cool and sexi chick Jaidee at 23 3.5 s...

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