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Look of LoveEsme Jaramillo Learned Long Ago That Brains Count Than Beauty Her Prestigious Academic Career Pays Off When She S Invited To Appear On A National Talk Show As A Genetics Expert Little Does She Know That The Episode Is Really Entitled Those Bookworm Looks Have Got To Go Worse Yet, Gorgeous Make Up Artist Gavino Mendez Was In On The Prank But He S About To Make It Up To Her By Convincing Esme That In His Eyes She S Already A Knockout

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Look of Love Author Lynda Sandoval – Ebats.us
  • ebook
  • Look of Love
  • Lynda Sandoval
  • English
  • 22 November 2019
  • 9780759248083

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    I m quite happy that a random thought that floated through my brain this week did in fact float through my brain For it lead me to this book here Granted, I ve had the thought before I just acted on it this time I m being awfully vague, no Not communicating directly The two main stars in this book had that problem Figured I d include something like But let s move on.The thought that had floated through my mind was the idea that I wanted to read books with non traditional characters in them This is weird, right, considering I m talking about books involving lesbians To someone outside looking in, any random lesbian, regardless of shape, race, religion, socio economic status, would be non traditional Me Well, lesbians come in all shapes, sizes and um forms I was kind of hoping for, as a starter at least, one in a fictional book who wasn t lily white Which lead to acted on I d figure I d try diversify my reading a little by actually noting what I ve been reading genres themes occupations ages race still wondering if I should had religion to the mix though that one s harder to determine Did find that I d read some non lily white books So my i...

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    I ve had this story in my Kindle library forever and finally got around to reading it What a pleasant surprise Most of the story is about this accomplished woman who views herself as the ugly duckling based on something she overheard when she was young Perceptions like this can stay with someone for the rest of their life manifesting in lack of social confidence and positive relationships.It s no...

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    I like these Matinee romances They are short novels that aren t too deep.This is the first book in the Amigas y Amor Series series by Lea Santos, and it was just what i needed at the time It s a pleasant story of the two women wanting to be seen for w...

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    About a 3.75that s right we are using quarter stars people I actually really enjoyed this book Both characters were well written if a little oblivious to each other s real feelings What kept this from a solid 4 star was it kinda justhow to put ...

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    Ms Santos has an amazing way of drawing readers into her story with the very first chapter Emie s insecurities are so truthfully depicted that I cannot help but empathize with her This is my third book I read from the author, and I am continually wowed Impressive work.

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    This is both the first and second time I ve read this book here Complicated, eh First time I ve read a book with this title Look of Love and by this author Lynda Sandoval , second time I ve read the underlying story, though with a different title and author Little White Lie by Lea Santos.First off I need to stop starting sentences with first , that funny looking title Look of Love Miradas De Amor This is actually a split book the first part is Miradas de Amor, second part is Look of Love So, two books in one, eh No, same book, just first time in Spanish reminds me I need to get the translator s name added to the book record , second time in English.Second off there are very few ratings reviews for the Look of Love version of the book that came out in 1999 11 years before 2010 s Little White Lies appearance Which is sad because the book really is a well written heterosexual romance And the man Currently there is kind of a clamor for Alpha or Beta men Gavino Mendez is neither He s just a man, a nice man with a bad past I do not actually recall if the female version of this character, Gia Mendez, has this bad past aspect He s neither an alpha asshole, nor a weak ass whimpy beta man I have no idea why I m going down this specific path here hehe.Okay, so, ...

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    Just finished my first reread of this one and loved it My review stands I was chatting with a friend who shares similar reading tastes and said something like I m looking for a well written, light, classic romance that s got some good humor What can you recommend I ve been having a tough few weeks and just needed something to lose myself in for a bit I m hard to please when it comes to grammar and stuff like that My friend thought for a few minutes and said, Have you read Lea Santos I really enjoyed her Amigas y Amor series, or words to that effect I hadn t read any of her stuff but knew of her good sense of humor from catching some of her conversations on Facebook Because of her, well, her stealing it from someone else and me stealing it from her, the word ricockulous is now a regular utterance in our house.So I picked up Little White Lie and absolutely loved it I couldn t...

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    What I liked about this book the juxtaposition of friendship and lesbian love, which is always a plus with me in other words, Lesbians or bi women With Friends, as opposed to this idea so common in fandom that the presence of f f threatens representation of platonic friendship pretty much a story all about Latinas it s a pretty white irrelevant story The cultural details made me feel at home even though it s not my culture because I also come from a culture of English with something else mixed in.and what I really loved the most was the actual story behind the setup the way that traumatic lies from our childhood I m worthless, I m ugly, everyone knows I m shit, etc can get in our way as adults, and how coming together as a couple means sharing vulnerabilities, and helping each other move past those lying insecurities One moment that totally rang true was when the lead was totally convinced that her coworkers were gonna reference the Embarrassing Thing and then, of course they didn t, because of course nobody cared about it as much as she did I can t tell you how many times I ve had exactly the same m...

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    Los ltimos cap tulos fueron los mejores, en estos se dejaron asomar finalmente los sentimientos de ambas protagonistas, la sensibler a que admito que me gusta leer y se dej de lado todo ese deseo que hizo que me quejara por tanto tiempo A decir verdad, el entorno en el que se desarroll primero la historia me result poco cre bl...

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    I ve read enough romance novels to anticipate the formula However, this was a fun and enjoyable read Something I would qualify as the perfect beach book The characters are enjoyable and often I found myself chuckling at their bumbling as the each misinterpret the o...

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