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Great Wildlife Search (Great Searches)This Is An Illustrated Puzzle Book With Pictures Of Nature Scenes From Around The World, Crammed With All Kinds Of Creatures To Spot And Learn About It Includes Scenes Such As A Tropical Rainforest, A Dusty Desert, A Peaceful Pond And A Shady Woodland Glade, Each With Around 100 Animals To Spot As Well As Providing Hours Of Puzzle Solving Fun, This Book Is Packed With Fascinating Animal Facts Presented In Short, Easy To Read Captions It Is A Collection Of The Great Undersea Search , The Big Bug Search And The Great Animal Search.

[Reading] ➳ Great Wildlife Search (Great Searches) ➻ Caroline Young – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Great Wildlife Search (Great Searches)
  • Caroline Young
  • 06 April 2019
  • 9780794522094

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    Take a trip around the world and explore the various depths of the ocean, the vast forests and deserts of land, and the peaks of the skies as you learn dozens of facts about creatures from every corner of the globe Young...

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    This is, by far, my favorite children s puzzle book.When my brother and I were young we re talking 1997 here , we used to borrow the Dutch edition of Usborne the Great Undersea Search all the time Endless hours were spend, both of us pouring over the book, and they re some of the greatest memories my brother and I have.I wanted to surprise him this Christmas, so I went looking for this book and found it after much Googling The Great Undersea Search was no longer available, but this book is so much better Gathering the contents of three different books in one thick edition, the Great Wildlife Search will keep anyone kids and adults both occupied for hours The illustrations by Ian Jackson are amazingly detailed and lifelike and feel almost 3D in their composition Snagged from you can see, each illustration spreads over two pages and is accompanied by bits of trivia and the number of times the...

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