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The Writer's Portable Therapist: 25 Sessions to a Creativity CureAmazing Books, The Writer S Portable Therapist 25 Sessions To A Creativity Cure By Rachel Ballon This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Writer S Portable Therapist 25 Sessions To A Creativity Cure, Essay By Rachel Ballon Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

!!> Download ➹ The Writer's Portable Therapist: 25 Sessions to a Creativity Cure ➾ Author Rachel Ballon – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 285 pages
  • The Writer's Portable Therapist: 25 Sessions to a Creativity Cure
  • Rachel Ballon
  • English
  • 22 May 2019
  • 9781593375447

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    Your time is precious don t waste it on this book Ballon s advice, what little of it is actually useful, is no different than any other writing book, and it is filled with such patronizing cheerleading it made me sick Ballon, as a writing psychotherapist, centers each chapter around a case study, which, due to patient confidentiality, is not really a case study by her own admission, but an amalgam of different clients Because she allows herself creative license in relating these case studies, each one reads like this Doc, I have a writing problem Your problem is that your childhood did X, Y, and Z to you Oh, no It couldn t be that, Doc Not me Well maybe There All better I got tired of her overuse of the phrase, no wonder Dull and formulaic, and Ballon doesn t really get to the root of anything She advocates that one write from the heart without ever really getting into depth about what this entails, preferring to stick to the abstract Emotional writing is the best kind of writing Myself, I prefer concrete writing Writing I can bite into She explains creativity Creativity is the source of all art including poetry, art, drama, music that touches people on a deep emotional level Creativity is also free flowing energy This doesn t tell us anything about creativity, but gives us insipid abstracts that really aren t useful when delving into the creative process The sessions meander the title of each section has very little to do with the problem expounded upon, and toward t...

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    I m a writer I have writer s block Have had it for a year or so According to this book, ALL of the problems I ve run into stem from a crappy childhood.One thing, though I had a great childhood.All 25 solutions I ll give you a hint there s only 1 blame it on your childhood and free wri...

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    Okay, so I have had this overly busy, stressful thing going on for the past couple weeks and I bought this book a few months ago when I was going through the same thing and I wanted to write so bad but just could get the words out and this book it really is portable conveniantly small , in one of its sections I have nothing to say it has really helped me to move past it a bit and actually CONSIDER that I DO have som...

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    I found this book through Total Boox, which has an extensive collection of books for authors At the time, just a few months ago, I was feeling totally blocked with my writing I had several novels on hold Never mind the short stories and story ideas Multiple works ranging from 12,000 to 80,000 words sitting idle I was bogged down in ghostwriting a memoir novel for a paying client, and I had committed to co editing a book on cutting edge digital publishing projects for a prestigious publisher Also, there were the blogging commitmentsWhen I was in college, I went to counselors for help with my chronic depression They didn t help they didn t understand me or my issues but they were nice people As I grew up and learned how to take the punches of life on the chin, I decided that the time commitment for counseling was not worth it Why spend hou...

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    Okay, so I started out really loving this book It had a good premise and I really liked the originality of it I ve never heard of a psychotherapist who specializes with writers, so I think Rachel Ballon is a one of a kind aid However there were several things that made me question her approach I feel that the writing sessions did help me immensely with getting words down The time limit with the Fast Flow Writing method and the lack of a nagging internal editor are my favorite parts of the book It s making you disciplined towards a deadline and not worrying about revising and grammar That s a tool I have had a hard time practicing when writing a book She also addresses common and not so common problems writers have This is were we get into the problem I have with the book In every Session there is somebody with one of these problems and she has it out with them And every time the problem boils down to a troubled childhood I m not kidding In every session in some form the writer s issue developed early in their younger years from parents who just in general were terrible motivators parents They may not have been abusive physically but verbally they were the worst people on the planet This, while not totally untrue,...

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    It started off alright, but eventually the advice became insulting, and her tone was really aggressive stop making excuses, don t be a fatass, you don t run the world, etc Even the business about Fast Flow Writing rubbed me the wrong way, because this is almost the exact same advice Julia Ca...

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    I loved Blueprint for Writing but this is just recycled hash.

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    Useful I can read bits from this book over and over for quick bursts of inspiration to write.

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    a few good nuggets of advice encouragement

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