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Convenient Wife, Pleasured Lady Daniel Wycliffe, Earl Of Stanford, Expected Alice Fortesque To Be An Obedient And Biddable Wife, Not The Vivacious Beauty Demanding He Woo Her Before Sharing His Bed Daniel Has No Intention On Falling For His Convenient Bride, But He Needs To Produce An Heir Soon In Order To Secure His Inheritance He S Certain That She Won T Be Able To Resist His Seductive Charms For Longbut With Alice Determined To Accept Nothing Less Than Daniel S Love And Respect, Will He Be The One To Surrender First

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    it would have so easily been a 5 star if the story did not go on so fast the heroine went to see the hero on the eve of the wedding to challenge him, they got married, and after one week they went to a picnic where they just declared their love for each other th...

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    The hero is a jerk, the heroine is a twit, and the prose is ploddingly painful The bones of the story are good, but its body is nonexistent.

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    Probably this is unfair but the short length of the story makes this one difficult to judge This readslike an outline of a full novel Short stories should read like short stories not truncated novels The plot gave me whiplash with the change of heart happening in the space of two paragr...

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    2 e mezzo Collegato alla serie Gli scandalosi St Claire Regency Il protagonista amico di Hawk St Claire Duca di Stourbridge, protagonista del primo libro e fratello degli altri protagonisti della serie.

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    Very short and sweet.

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