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Blood Upon the Rose - Easter 1916 This Is The Rebellion That Set Ireland Free, Told As A Graphic Novel The 1916 Easter Rising Was An Attempt By A Small Group Of Militant Irish Republicans To Win Independence From Britain It Was The Most Significant Rebellion In Ireland Though A Military Failure, It Set Ireland On The Road To Freedom From Britain.

[Epub] ↠ Blood Upon the Rose - Easter 1916  Author Gerry Hunt – Ebats.us
  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • Blood Upon the Rose - Easter 1916
  • Gerry Hunt
  • English
  • 12 June 2017
  • 9781847170897

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    was very interested to hear about this treatment of the 1916 Rising as a graphic novel, combining as it does two of my interests I am afraid I was disappointed with the result My political sympathies are in any case closer to the dispassionate analysis of Charles Townshend, but I don t think this books will change anyone s mind about the Rising it may perhaps confuse them with detail one rather small map is provided at the very end , but the reader is basically assumed to be familiar with the big picture of the story Compared, say, with Pekar and Roberson s Macedonia, let alone the brilliant work of Joe Sacco, Hunt doesn t really probe very far into the human side of the conflict British soldiers are anonymous snarls, the civilians who mock and disobey the rebels merely rabble only the rebels themselves are given full hagiographi...

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    Vietin viime kev n kaksi mainiota viikkoa Skotlannissa, Pohjois Irlannissa ja Irlannissa Reissun aikana kiinnostuin entisest n Irlannin historiasta, ja kun l ysin Dublin Writers Museumin kirjakaupasta kiinnostavan n k isen sarjakuvan, Gerry Huntin k sikirjoittaman ja piirt m n Blood Upon the Rosen O Brien Press, 2012 , t ytyi se hankkia my s omaan hyllyyn.Sarjakuva k sittelee Irlannin itsen istymiseen johtanutta p si iskapinaa vuonna 1916, jolloin alimittainen vapaaehtoisten joukko nousi Dublinissa kapinaan tavoitteenaan julistaa Irlanti itsen iseksi tai ainakin luoda kipin my hemm lle nousulle Englantilaiset kukistivat urhoollisesti taistelleiden irlantilaisten kansannousun verisesti, ja sen merkitt vimm t johtajat teloitettiin Kilmainhamin vankilassa.Gerry Hunt on saanut kaikki suuren tarinan tarvittavat ainekset...

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    Blood Upon The Rose is quite short tries to cram a lot into this pictorial re telling of a defining moment in Irish history Most likely, its readers will be familiar with the story characters, so it should provide an interesting visual recap of the events of Easter, 1916 It certainly helped to jog my memory about the birth of the Irish Republic even made me want to check out some aspects in depth Unfortunately, Hunt tries to cover too much in too few pages I wasn t impressed...

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    This sounded great a graphic novel about the Easter Rising But it s much too short to make a decent stab at the story and fleshing out the characters And what s worse I could detect the whiff of bias in its seeming glorification of the rebels After studying the Rising intricately I know bias when I smell it Maybe it...

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    I read another one of his comics and I really like how the story is given as a primer and things go from there I picked these up in Dublin and I read them quite fast I enjoyed them and will use them as a supplementary material when teaching about Ireland.

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    Very short and that, perhaps, is part of the problem Author takes broad assumptions in that the reader should already possess a decent familiarity with the events that transpired before reading Decent artwork and storyline, but no real meat to the characters.

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